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Orphan's Visit to Saint Nicholas

Orphans' Future conducted a charity program "Orphans' Visit to Saint Nicholas", from 13th to 17th December 2013. (The official St Nicholas' Day in Ukraine is actually Dec. 19th).

147 children from 12 different orphanage boarding schools took part in this program and had a wonderful time.

This Program was a joint effort of volunteers from Orphans' Future, a youth group called "Great Town" and the local council.

The program involved an exciting full day of events which included viewing the performance of a grand, two hour puppet show, "Saint Nicholas Miraculous", at the Ternopil Puppet Theatre. There was a table of sweet treats followed by a master class in the Workshop of Saint Nicholas (Beresil Palace) where 14 volunteers assisted the children to learn how to make festive presents and crafts by themselves. The children enjoyed such fun activities as card making, Christmas toy making, origami, snowdrops and painting. The goal of putting a smile on each child's face was easily achieved by our volunteers who ensured that no child was left out of being involved in the fun. Special thanks to our own Orphans' Future ten volunteers who were themselves raised in orphanages. Most of the handmade crafts were kept by the children with some donated for display purposes.

After the workshops, all children received gifts from St. Nicholas and his angels. It was a pleasure to watch how happy the children are and they really had a great time doing presents for somebody they love or remember. Thanks to the restaurants: Hutir, Monblan, Cherchil, Bratislava and Tenozavr,who provided free dinner for the orphans right after the nice handcraft work at St. Nicolas workshop.

We would like to thank the many kind people who gave children who do not have the care of parents, an experience of the joy and wonder of Christmas. On behalf of the orphans a big thank you to the AVK Kiev Co., the Terkyriy Co., businessman Yuriy Homitskiy, Olya and Christina Dmytryk (England), Olena Motorkina and her team.

The orphans thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to meeting up again soon.

Total cost of the event was 31 935 UAH/ $3,990 USD

Sports equipment - 17452 UAH/ 2 181 USD

Sweets - 5863 UAH/ 733 USD

Fruits - 1203 UAH/ 150 USD

Socks - 2250 UAH/ 281 USD

Toiletries - 1222 UAH/ 152 USD

Stationery - 944 UAH/ 118 USD

Decoration of the hall - 500 UAH/ 62 USD

Petrol for 10 school buses - 2500 UAH/ 312 USD

Besides that, on December 14th, 2013, when the children from all orphanages of Ternopil region were preparing to go visit St. Nicholas, the children and their families at the Ukrainian cultural Centre of London organized and held a charity event to raise charitable funds. The Children sang songs, played games, staged plays, and most importantly, gave a part of their care and love to orphans of Ternopil region. During the festival, organizers have collected almost one thousand pounds, clothes, shoes and toys. Everything was delivered to Ukraine and on December 20 and 21, 2013 about 70 children living in children's homes of the city of Ternopil and Nove Selo received these gifts and rejoiced simple holiday.

On behalf of our children and volunteers, the Orphans Future thanks the administration and the children of the Ukrainian cultural Centre in London, to Igor Makar (Ukraine Charity), Halyna Tatara, Olia and Christina Dmytryk for the care of orphans, especially during the holidays, when the children are left alone at the residential institutions and do not have all the possibilities to be surrounded by the love and warmth of a family.

: 22 December 2013

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