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International Exchange of Charity Work Experiences at Kharkiv

The Global Fund for Children organized a conference with 12 representatives of various charities from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia from the 12th-15th November at Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Activities at the Conferencew included:

- Exchange of information about the nature and effectiveness of the work of the different charities involved

- Learning how to build teams within an organization to successfully achieve specific goals and how to identify potential problems and find solutions to them. Attendees also studied psychological factors important in building effective teams.

- Establishing a network of communication between the different charities with a view to future sharing of information.

Each attendee made a presentation of the work of his charity and answered questions from a board of experts. This information will be used to prioritise important issues for discussion at future forums.

Andriy Nazarenko, the head of the Orphans' Future charitable fund, stated the need of his organization to increase the knowledge and skills of volunteers to effectively organize programs and projects, and to identify specific roles in their implementation.

The conference allowed the open sharing of ideas and experiences between the professional representatives of the different charities who had the opportunity to work together in small groups, with the common goal to improve the overall effectiveness of the working of all the charities involved.

During 2014, the Orphans' Future organization will continue to seek ways to improve the effectiveness of its teamwork to provide the best possible outcomes for the orphans that we serve.

We are thankful for the continued support of the Global Fund for Children which makes this possible.

: 16 November 2013

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