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Summer Camp 2013

From July, 20th to August 20, 2013 over a hundred kids aged 6 to 17 years old from the Ternopil regional orphanages enjoyed a variety of recreational activities and received training in life skills as part of summer camp programs. The camps were organized at different locations in the Ternopil Region and conducted by volunteers which included those from Orphans Future: Volodymyr Yavosrkyy, Iryna Vakaliuk , Solomiya Hudchak; and volunteers from Ternopil based organizations: Ternopil Rotaract, Kateryna Sampara; " Youth with a Mission ": Irina Kuzyshyn; Calvary Chapel Church Pastor, George Markey as well as Ronald MacKellar from the Rotary Club of Rouse Hill, Australia and seven volunteers from the Netherlands charity organization, WALO.

The camps were held at the children's sanatoria at Berezhany and Yabluniv as well as at the Zaropad campsite, near Strusiv, Ternopil area.

At Yabluniv, the Dutch WALO group conducted a wonderful program involving different games, sports and fun activities in which the children enthusiastically participated and thoroughly enjoyed. Their program included various ball games, water sports, crafts and face painting, just to name a few.

At Berezhany, Yabluniv and Zaropeds training in life skills was provided as a joint project of the Rotary Clubs Ternopil and Rouse Hill, Australia which focused on preparing orphan graduates for the transition to independent living after leaving the orphanages. This training included instruction such areas awareness of the dangers of human trafficking, making healthy lifestyle choices, avoiding problems of drugs and alcohol abuse, some English skills, as well as activities designed to promote self-reliance and self-esteem, like outdoor camping and participation in sports, competitions and games.

Volunteers noticed leadership skills of individual participants who are actively were helping younger children during the Summer Camp Program.

During the summer camp programs the orphans were given with educational materials, clothing, shoes, sports equipment, some toys and hygienic items and some equipment was also donated to the orphanages and sanatoria to meet future needs. Thank you to the sponsors: the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and the Rotary Clubs of Rouse Hill (Australia) and Ternopil, and the Dutch charity group WALO. Children felt support, love and care from friends like you.

Some comments from the children after the camps included:

- Anastasia: "I liked sports, English lessons, football and more precisely trampoline

- Maria: I learned how to make personal budget and how to spend own money

- Iryna: Now I know more about human trafficking and know what to do when I am abroad

- Pavlo: Healthy way of life is important for me and I learned more new

- Mykola: Next time I want to learn more about seeking and getting a job and housing when I leave orphanage

Photo report here

On behalf of the Orphans Future organization and the orphans, we express sincere gratitude to the administration of Berezhany and Yabluniv children's sanatoria and campground "Zorepad " for understanding, encouragement and support.

Until next year.

: 27 August 2013

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