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The time to start their independent life has come for 13 orphans, school leavers with the traditional 'last school bell' day celebrated at grade 11 in orphanages of Ternopil Oblast smt.Koropets, m.Berezheany and Ternopil. Some graduates will go on to study at higher educational institutions, and the rest will acquire further education at vocational schools. Also, another eighteen teens from grades nine may leave the orphanages.

We, the volunteers at the Foundation assessing the real situation of young people who leave schools, and thinking about their future appeal to donors to support financially and morally graduates whilst they are entering independent adult life.

If, at least, every business or entrepreneur takes custody of one or two graduates from orphanage, the easier it will be to solve the typical problems they face: lack of life skills, absence of household items and other tools to start the independent life. The volunteers are invited to become their mentors for the first five years of orphans adaptation process into the society - says the chairman of the charity fund Orphans Future "- Andriy Nazarenko.

During the summer holidays, when orphaned teens leave the school, they will spend their time at summer camp. During this time, the girls and boys will visit their selected further education establishments to submit the entry documents in order to join them for studies later. The entrants will stay with the school friends at their apartments until they get a room in the hostel of the chosen educational institution.

The immediate and most vital graduates essentials are: blanket and pillow, bed sheets, a spoon, a fork, a plate, a knife, pots, pans, an iron, a bag and hygiene products, and in addition, in September the orphan students will require a lot of stationery.

The established cost of this starting survival kit for an orphanage graduate is - $190 US dollars.

We hope that by visiting our page, you will not stay indifferent and will support at least one orphan to start his/her own independent life. After all, the best way is to prevent the cause of the problems which young people will be exposed to starting for the first time their adult life after school. By providing timely help, we give hope and opportunity to these young boys and girls for the better future.

For more information about how to help and get contacts of our orphans, please contact the Orphans Future" by phone: +38 097 5530820 and email:

: 01 June 2013

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