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Camp for Orphan Graduates from the Kyiv Region "Forest Adventure"

Three Orphans Future leaders from the Ternopil Region: Irina Vakaliuk, Volodimir Yavorsky and Andriy Perig - former orphanage students took part in the camp "Sure Start: Together to Success". The camp was organized by the International organization "Partnership for Every Child " and for 40 children grades 8 to 11 from orphanages in the Kyiv region. Our leaders were invited to this event as experts who are orphans themselves and have experience working for and with orphans in the Ternopil region.

The event took place in the forest in the Kyiv region, near Kyiv Lake. Our volunteers enthusiastically participated in all activities at the camp. The 40 youth participants were divided into four teams by red, green, blue or yellow t-shirts. Each team had its own name, motto and emblem. Accordingly, each volunteer from Orphans Future actively participated in one of the teams. The objective of each team was to go through the activity stations over time and perform a number of tasks such as: travel task, intellectual challenges, providing first aid in emergency situations, cooking dinner, swimming and kayaking. After the planned activities, all participants had the opportunity to visit a disco and enjoy a campfire.

Conditions at the camp were comfortable, because the weather was sunny and warm. All participants slept in tents and expressed good thoughts about their experiences at the camp.

After arriving back in Ternopil, our volunteers had told about their experience and a desire to implement this kind of camp for orphans of Ternopil region.

"Good cooperation by the public and charitable organizations has repeatedly helped us carry out our activities for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Such exchanges are important in our work" - said Volodimir Yavorsky.

"I think the well organized activities for young people that promote self-confidence and increase self-sufficiency by acquiring new skills, increases the importance for each participant. In addition, young people feel necessity and care as an integral component for success" - said Irina Vakaliuk.

: 27 May 2013

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