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Camp for future orphanage graduates "On the threshold of adult life"

From May 17 to 19, 201 3 in a picturesque part of Chervona Kalyna recreation area: 50 teens, future graduates from Berezhany, Koropets and Ternopil orphanages supervised by 16 volunteers from Orphans Future and Brotherhood of Orphans took part in the final three-day life skills camp "On the threshold of adult life."

The camp was sponsored by the International Foundation "Global Fund for Children" and local patrons with the assistance of the Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil Regional State Administration. On behalf of the children, we express our sincere thanks to all of them.

Participants lived in comfortable rooms, received three meals a day with two snack breaks. The young people and coaches were provided with all the necessary stationery and supplies for the camp work.

The aim of the camp was:

- To activate the orphan youth and increase their knowledge to become better leaders;

- To consolidate the material in the practice from training in which the children took part from February to May.

- To teach the basic skills of cooking;

- To help participants discover their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses;

- To provide participants with important and necessary information that they need beyond school;

- Have a good time and make new friends.


During the camp activities, the graduates were taught to cook meals. The workshops were held by teachers from Ternopil Cooperative College and Higher Vocational School. In addition, the group of children was divided into six teams with their own color and motto. Teams competed in outdoor education activities in which children learned to support, help and encourage each other. A feature of the camp was that the teams were created with participants from different orphanages. The camp was organized and conducted by former graduates of orphanages. The volunteers were from Orphans Future, NGO "Brotherhood of orphans and the "Success ". Thank you to everyone.

For more information on the outcome of the camp, you can view our photo report here.

Here are some stories of success from camp participants:

"While in the camp, I participated in various competitions, but most of all I remembered how we ourselves went shopping and preparing meals. It is like the team that surrounded us, like the fact that no one is offended, was mutual, and it was great fun. Everyone was very active and energetic. We also famously entertained, swam in the pool, had a super evening fire, we sang and had fun and it was very cool. I was pleased participate in sporting events, especially walking on the rope and put a tent. It was great, good living conditions. Like everything "(member of the team" Friendship ")

"While in the camp at Chervona Kalyna " I had a good time. On Friday we arrived, divided into groups, were preparing for the presentation of our team. In the morning, Saturday, we had a sports relay. At first it seemed to be difficult, but then I realized that it would be interesting and fun. Then, we went to the other races, and it was too great. After dinner we went to Ternopil city to Higher Vocational School. We cooked. Cooking I liked the most! In the evening was a fire, we had cool fun. On Sunday we had a meeting with the Ternopil authorities, I received a lot of helpful information for myself. But, unfortunately, the camp comes to the end, I will miss all and hope we'll meet again "(pupil of Berezhany)

"While in camp Chervona Kalyna" I took part in various competitions. Most likes relay also contests that are held by coaches Natalie, Jack, George, Irene and Olga Bogdanivna. My team was called "Friendship". Our motto was: Friendship - a super friendship - it's cool! Who wants to be friends, please contact us! I was a captain of my team. I really liked to be responsible for the team. Cool with all friends. It was also interesting to talk with people from different organizations. We asked them questions and they answered them. The water was cool in the pool. It was short but fun, cool and thank everyone, to: Vladimir Mazur, Volodymyr Yavorsky, Irene Vakaliuk, Andrei Nazarenko, Salome Hudchak, Meushu Basil, Basil Hrynkiv and Roman Zyubretskomu. And it was fun to cook. And it was delicious! "(Team captain" Friendship ")

"I liked it, because with each game or advice we can take something for our life. On the first day we arrived we met and gently hit it with the team and then in contests, and games. We talked and we had no problems, quarrels, obstacles. We supported each other and tried to win. When we went to Ternopil and started to cook, I took for myself a lot of advice. Lesson of the cooking and I remember thinking that I would need it in my life. When we passed the station, I remembered that once the coaches about it and told me it needs in life: the right to communicate, to know ourselves, errors and how to fix your character, friendship and own habits. On Sunday, I liked the information from various services and it is good that we have their contacts. It will help me if I have a problem, then I will be able to fix it with their help. And cool bonfire where everyone participated at the stake. It was so nice to see how happy other kids are. Nature camp super! Coaches - super! It was interesting, I filled positive emotions one by one, and these days I'm with you and thank you to all! "(Nadia Pukalo member of the team" Jumpers")

"I enjoyed most every day, because every day I learned something new and exciting. It was an interesting holiday with new people, race, where I first storm of participation. My beloved team will always be the best. We didnt get received the first place, but we are still the same-the best. I hope we will continue to stay in touch and communicate." (Tanya member of the team "Jumpers")

"It's very cool and fun; I had an incredibly good time. Funny coaches and counselors. I was not at all boring, because after one something interesting another, and more. The food was very good and the rooms. Swimming in the pool was cool. I would like to come here again. I also played billiards and competitions with obstacles. Like call-by passed the test subjects for training. I liked to communicate with workers of different services and I learned and remembered much of what is good for me. Cool was when we cooked and also at campfire. I liked my team and mentors who helped us all. Thank you for everything! "(Member of the team" Jumpers ")

: 20 May 2013

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