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Easter Joy for Orphans 2013

First of all, to our dear friends of Orphans Future and on behalf of all our orphans, accept our sincere congratulations on the great feast of Easter!

From May 1 to 6 2013, five volunteers of Orphans Future organized and conducted a charity event for 50 orphans and 20 graduates of Ukrainian orphanages. Thanks to our volunteers who funded, designed, printed and distributed 2,000 color flyers for the fundraising charity auction "Easter Joy for Orphans 2013." These flyers have allowed the organization to declare itself to the local community that has got to know more about Orphans Future activities.

Thanks to these kind people, we were able to collect $173.75 (United States Dollars):

Maria Bazan $125

Tatiana Vavrynchuk - $6.25

Irina Vakaliuk - $5

Vasil Bagriy - $12.50

Mariya Bozhyk - $6.25

Sergiy Dekalyuk - $6.25

Andriy Danchuk - $12.50

How Charitable Donations Were Spent:

1. For 50 pupils of Berezhany and Novo Selo state-run orphanages volunteers purchased four cakes, fruit, eggs and paint for the master class. Ternopil students held workshops with Easter eggs and handcrafts. The action cost was $137.50

2. Twenty orphanage graduates who live in Ternopil city and appealed for help received food packages and basic hygienic items. The product set included: salt, buckwheat, rice, flour, sugar, tea, oil, pasta, laundry detergent, tooth paste and tooth brushes. All kits were distributed in the Information Resource Center which the graduates visited during May 3-4, 2013. Ternopil area companies "Kharchovyk" and Poultry Ternopil were very helpful in organizing the celebration of Easter. The cost of this action was $198.10.

3. This year, during the action "Give an Orphan Joy With a Family at Easter", which was implemented for the sixth year in a row by the youth organization Brotherhood of Orphans, no costs were incurred by Orphans' Future as local families made their own arrangements for the transportation of the children from the orphanages.

: 10 May 2013

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