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"Charitable Ukraine" awarded the best charities

On March 14, 2013, in the Ukrainian House, in the city of Kiev the awarding ceremony of winners of competition "Charitable Ukraine 2012" was held. Competition launched by 'Association of Benefactors of Ukraine "and for the second consecutive year, independent experts from different fields, evaluated the work of organizations that are doing good things for Ukrainians in Ukraine. More information about the contest read here.

The Ternopil Regional Charity Fund Orphans Future" entered the top three winners of the main award in the nomination "The Philanthropist: Regional Charitable Foundation (the organization)." On March 14, 2013, a member of the organization - Mr. Volodymyr Yavorsky took part in the award ceremony and received a Diploma of Contest "Charitable Ukraine 2012. Our foundation can be proud of the charitable work that is done for orphans and graduates.

"We, the Board and orphans of Ternopil region are grateful for this award to organizers and to our friends who support us. We will continue to do good things for orphans and develop philanthropy in our Ternopil region" - said Mr. Volodymyr Yavorsky in his speech.

In addition, while being in Kyiv, Mr. Volodymyr Yavorsky visited the office of Bogdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation and received his personal written books: "Remain Ukrainian" and "Until effective societies The pointers to the future" for our library at the Orphans Future Resource Center. Mr. Hawrylyshyn was born in the village of Koropets, Monastyrskyy District, in which is an orphanage, whose graduates have created a charitable foundation "Orphans Future".

: 14 March 2013

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