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Virtual classroom Project for children in Ukraine orphanages

We all realize that the world is moving forward with new technologies and modern approaches to education.

Here in Ternopil region the Orphans Future in partnership with a group of professional volunteers from the Netherlands are starting the Virtual classroom project for orphans of Ternopil region. The Dutch group created web portal through which teachers and children will join other volunteers willing to teach kids in orphanages. The learning process will take place through a virtual method on the specified program "Skype", when children, the participants of the program, will have free time after school.

Aim of the project: to provide orphans and children deprived of parental care who live in orphanages with an opportunity to acquire essential knowledge on various subjects such as Spoken English along with English Grammar, fundamentals of computer grammar and of course exciting communication with foreign friends and new acquaintances as a result.

Project Objectives:

- To Ensure that children's homes are equipped with personal computers, webcams, microphones and internet access to allow the participants to enjoy smooth operation of the project;

- To Develop the theme lessons for children that will be motivated to participate in this program and help them better to absorb acquired knowledge;

- Establishing friendly relations between participants, children and young people from abroad

Requirements: 25 personal computers, 25 webcams, 25 microphones, installation of computers to the Internet (WI-Fi).

In 2013, the pilot project has been implemented at the Ternopil orphanage for 22 children (street St.Bandery, 80).

: 10 March 2013

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