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Press Conference "On the threshold of adult independent living"

Orphans Future Foundation and youth organization "Brotherhood of Orphans" presented a training program "On the threshold of adult independent living" to local community through the local media. It is planned that 50 children of 9 to 11 grades of state-run orphanages of Ternopil region will participate in this program in 2013.

Problems: Orphans are among the most disadvantaged and least psychologically secure communities of our country. The environment in which orphans live does not provide the best condition for development of social skills and personality. As a result pupils of orphanage boarding schools are often unprepared for independent life in society, and not equip with skills for dealing with the problems of adult life.

The purpose of the training program: to provide pupils of orphanage boarding schools with skills necessary for independent living in the community, including the development of social skills promoting a self-confident attitude and the ability to independently solve problems in life. To be able to set goals for their life and to make a plan to achieve them.

Trainings topics included in the program:

"I - identity. Communication Skills ";

"Life choices. How to manage time and money ";

"Friendship, Love, Family. Me and my reproductive health"

Target audience: 50 children ages from 13 to 17 years old from Ternopil regional orphanages:

Koropets regional boarding school of advanced military and physical training;

Novosilska state-run special education orphanage;

Berezhany regional communal orphanage in-depth of study of labor studies;

Ternopil orphanage for children;

Orphanage type for preschool and school-age children "Bethlehem."

Teaching staff:

Olga Kiz - Associate Professor of Psychology TNPU im.V.Hnatyuka, PhD. Psychological Science, a certified trainer of UNDP.

Irina Vakaliuk a student 4-year psycho-pedagogical faculty TNPU im.V.Hnatyuka, a former ward of the orphanage.

Ivan Papish, Eugene Chekushkin, Yuri Mamus - teachers, members of NGO "Center for Christian Entrepreneurship "Success "

We need your help with the following:

recreation or rehabilitation place for final leadership camp participants of training programs (50 orphans) in May;

authors to produce a diary with useful information for graduates (education, incentives and guarantees, housing and land issues, employment, registration, passport, health and nutrition, a list of agencies and organizations that provide social services);


Thank you for your interest and investment in the future of the orphans in Ternopil region.

: 18 January 2013

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