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Meeting with Directors of Orphanage - Boarding Schools in Ternopil Region with Orphans' Future

On November 30, 2012 Ternopil, representatives of Orphans' Future (including orphan graduates) met with the directors of the 15 Orphanage-Boarding Schools in Ternopil Region, which care for about 150 children as well as with representatives of the Ternopil State Education Administration.

This meeting was organized by Orphans' Future to develop a plan for a good working relationship between the parties involved and their benefactors to meet the needs of the children in care. The meeting was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere in the form of a round table discussion.

In the first part of the meeting dealt with bringing to the attention of the Orphanage Directors the needs of the children, particularly in respect of their education. Orphans' Future also heard about the problems faced by the Orphanage Directors including updating of kitchens, gymnasiums, and provision of computers and workshops where children can be taught the skills necessary for independent living.

Orphanage Directors were encouraged to provide training to provide the basic skills which could equip children for vocations such as dressmaker, seamstress, computer data entry, carpenter or cook. Funding to enable orphanages to provide this training is not available from government sources, and so needs the help of generous donors.

In addition other problems of orphans were discussed including recovery from health problems during summer holidays and the housing problems of orphan graduates caused by an uncooperative attitude on the part of state social services. It was also noted that orphans can develop a consumer mentality whilst in care, with the unrealistic idea that all their needs will continue to be provided by others, and it was determined that this be countered by a practical course conducted by former orphan graduates themselves.

After a short break, in the second part of the meeting, Orphans' Future representatives outlined their projects and programs in 2013 and received support from the directors' for the children's participation. These programs included training and leadership camps for graduates of boarding schools, and a program for orphans to be hosted in local families during the celebration of Christmas, New Year, Easter and summer holidays.

As a result of Orphans' Future social programs, including the provision of the Orphan Resource Center, the number of street orphans has dropped greatly, because young people have a place where they can meet and discuss the problems of life and do not look for answers in alcohol or drugs on the street somewhere. The Resource Center for Orphans project was financially supported thanks to: World Orphan Project in the USA, Ukraine Charity in Great Britain and Rotary Club of Rouse Hill in Australia.

It has been agreed that similar meetings will be conducted annually at the beginning of each school year, during which we will analyze what has been done and what still needs to be done to improve the lives of orphans and children deprived of parental care and are in boarding schools. Therefore all parties remain committed to continuing to provide the orphans of Ternopil Region with the best opportunities to build a positive future for themselves. To assist us in changing the future lives of orphans please contact us at Orphans' Future.

: 30 November 2012

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