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Alumni "How to Become Successful

Orphans Future Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to the Partnership for Every Child for the opportunity to take an active part in the two-day the meeting "How to Become Successful. The meeting was organized for graduates of state-run orphanages from the Kyiv region and was held on November 3-4, 2012 in the resort complex "Leader" in the Puscha Voditsa, Kyiv.

The graduates joined social workers, foreign experts, volunteers of Partnership for Every Child" for this meeting, as well as representatives from the Orphans Future: Andriy Nazarenko and Irina Vakaliuk.The purpose of the event was to unite young people to expand the network of social contacts, improve knowledge about life skills of young people and establish constructive and trusting relationships between social workers and the graduates.

The wood and fresh air contributed to effective and active work with young people. Participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves personally to each other and share their own stories of independent living. Representatives from Orphans Future" shared their personal life experiences related to living inorphanages, and they also shared how they started to participate in charitable activities. Irina Vakaliukshared the obstacles and successes in her life which she achieved after leaving an orphanage. The most important element of the Meeting was the creative work in small groups where young people raised painful problems for each situation and tried to solve them together. After the groups work, the participants discussed with social workers the task and outlined their common goals. The young people were working on the following topics: "Young people and social workers: ways of interaction," "Financial Management and Budgeting", "Development of vital projects."

Comment by Irina Vakaliuk: "Having been to this event, I found something new and interesting for myself and my future work. I am satisfied that the problems of young people are interested and people want to solve them. It is good that the "Partnership for Every Child "once again organized such meeting for youth and invited representatives of our organization Orphans Future to share experience with youth who face the similar problems. I understand that providing necessary assistance in time to young people who left the orphanages can change their attitude to life, to re-evaluate their strength and capabilities. Therefore, I am pleased that I had the opportunity to learn new things and share my sure start in life.

Comment by Andriy Nazarenko: "Such meetings are important and necessary for orphanage graduates. The experience that I got during the event, must be implemented in the life of orphan students and graduates of the Ternopil region."

: 08 November 2012

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