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Start of the new Term - International Knowledge Day

The start of another school year was celebrated on September 2nd, 2012 with festive "First Bell" in the orphanages of Ternopil region. Ukrainian orphans started new school year 2012-2013 after active summer holidays and they are now eager to acquire new knowledge and skills.

During summer 2012 Charitable Foundation "Orphans' Future" in conjunction with a regular partner "ARS-Ceramics", Ternopil and sponsors from abroad, funded construction projects that were designed to improve current state of the orphanages premises to provide comfortable living and learning facilities for children.

In Berezhany boarding school the room for washing hands before entering the dining room/kitchen is completed and began overhaul refurbishment of training shop for woodwork skills. The sponsor of this project is Ukraine Charity in the UK.

In Ternopil baby orphanage "MALYATKO", the vegetable storage was repaired with charitable assistance of Olya Schechter from New York, USA. Look here

In the last week of August, eight kids from this orphanage had a graduation party. It was a special day for the children, there were guests from England, Olia and Christina Dmytryk, who brought young graduates beautiful dresses for girls, and smart suits for boys. Volunteers organized sweet treats and hired a photographer for the occasion and for children's photos to commemorate this event. Children were separated afterwards and taken to different orphanages in Ternopil region.

On Sunday, September 2, 2012 volunteers "Orphans' Future": Volodymyr Yavorsky, Irina Vakaliuk, Yuri Ekalo, Andriy Nazarenko, Vasiliy Hrynkiw and Andriy Perig came to greet the beginning of the school year at students Koropetsky boarding school. Children came to the sports hall and each child received shoes, shirts and shorts, clothing, toys, games, toothbrush and toothpaste and stationery, and the school received a volleyball net and soccer balls and volleyballs. All of these things were given by WALO (Netherlands), World Orphan Project, Inc. Lara Kudryk Traska (USA).

Besides it, the alumni volunteers met with the teaching staff and administration of boarding school and discussed the daily needs of children and future projects that need funding and our participation.

During the summer "Orphans Future" hosted representatives of foreign organizations that help children in Ukraine: Ms. Motria Boyko from United Ukrainian American Relief Committee of Philadelphia, USA and Mr. Joseph Bednaryk from Global Fund for Children, Washington, USA. There were discussion of cooperation between organizations and the guests got acquainted with the work of the Fund and the Resource Center for orphan students.

Thanks to all the good people on behalf of our children and volunteers for their support and financial assistance for a better and brighter future of children in Ukraine.


: 07 September 2012

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