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Summer of Kindness 2012

July 8-21, 2012, four volunteers from Orphans' Future: Volodymyr Yavorsky, Irina Vakalyuk, Andriy Perig and Andriy Solodukha, together with the six volunteers from WALO (Netherlands) : Desiree, Michelle, Jessica, Corine and their coaches Jan and Nico, organized and held camp "Summer of Kindness" for 37 orphans ages 7 to 16 of the Ternopil area state-run orphanages. The Camp was held at the recreation complex "Forest", which is located in the picturesque valley village of Skomorokhy, Buchach district and is surrounded by woods with a small lake in the middle where you can swim and ride a catamaran. The whole atmosphere in the camp promotes recovery and recuperation during the summer holidays.

Carefully planned programs allowed our volunteers to create an atmosphere of genuine celebration every day: games, contests, cultural and educational excursions to castles, waterfalls and communication with sincere friends which doesn't often exist in their present everyday life. On the first day of the camp, the children were introduced to the volunteer team. Each received a T-shirt and colored markers which were used to paint the t-shirts in the colors of Ukraine and the Netherlands. The participants also shared about their countries and their cultures. Foreign volunteers were learning Ukrainian words during the camp program and our children tried to improve their English skills of communication. The camp was so interesting that the children asked the volunteers to stay for a few extra days because they felt their concern, sincerity and passion for meaningful and active recreation. See

Working with the Netherlands organization WALO since 2008 allows Orphans' Future to organize and hold summer camps for orphans of the Ternopil region every summer. On behalf of our children and volunteers a big Thank-you to WALO group. Such events produce positive feelings and influence children's development and their future.

The cost of the camp "Summer of Kindness" were next:

School supplies - $50,

Sports supplies - $165,

Trip to Kamenets-Podolsky-castle park for 37 orphans - $300

Gifts and print photos - $125

Photos - report from the camp "Summer of Kindness"

: 24 July 2012

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