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6th year of our volunteer work

On April 29-30, 2012, the former orphanage alumni, who are currently "Orphans' Future" voluneers celebrated the 6th year of their volunteer work aimed at improving youth's lives in Ternopil orphanages and after.

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The "Orphans' Future" founder, Andriy Nazarenko, invited all volunteers for a festive lunch. During lunch, every participant reflected on their experiences and shared their perceptions of the volunteer work they had done and committed to continuing their work and encouraging more orphans to volunteer for "Orphans' Future." As a token of gratitude, Andriy gave each volunteer a gift. Following this, 9 volunteers took a trip to a sacred place called Zarvanytsa in Ternopil oblast, where they took a dip in a sacred spring named after St. Anna. The volunteers then participated in the blessing of an SUV, sponsored by the Gilmore family from Illinois, USA and purchased as as a charity gift recognizing the 6th year of "Orphans' Future."

"We are pleased to know that new volunteers among orphans join our team every year. Being in their shoes before, we can relate to and extend our help to orphans, who just like us in the past, need help from someone by their side" (Iryna, 20 years of age, a student in Hnatiuk TNP University).

"It is amazing to see the impact "Orphans' Future" has had on a large scale. We are running such projects as teaching computer literacy to orphans; we have opened new gyms, upgraded crafts offices, dining rooms, storage rooms in children's homes; and we have been providing financial assistance to orphanage alumni who are completing their higher education. Recently, the foundaiton purchased an SUV used for field trips for the orphanage youth in Ternopil oblast" (Vitaliy, 23 years of age, university alum, and former orphanage alum).

"We are probably the only charity foundation where no one receives an income but we all have jobs outside of this work. We help out the foundaiton in our free time because we are one team, and we all share the same past experiences and collective commitment to help orphans" (Anton, volunteer, 24 years of age).

Orphans are plagued with a lot of problems and challenges the foundation is committed to helping solve, but we need more effort and resources to accomplish that. Moreover, it's critical to provide orphanage alumni with permanent housing, which remains the most pressing problem for the orphanage youth entering adult life. We really hope the government will pay due attention to this issue and will work collaboratively with the foundation to solve this problem together.

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: 30 April 2012

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