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Life skills trainings for 28 future orphanage graduates

From January 27th through 29, 28 orphans, prospective graduates from the Koropets state-run orphanage, participated in a three day workshop "Entering Adult Life." The Ternopil Employment Center provided two rooms for two groups of children. The project facilitators, including professionals and former from the NGO "Brotherhood of Orphans," teach life skills to 56 children from local orphanages (Koropets, Nove Selo, Berezhany and Ternopil), using thematic modules on life skills learning. We would like to thank Orphans Future and Amici de Bambini, EU for making this project happen.

The purpose of this workshop was to educate orphans about intimate relationships, learn how to build and maintain partnerships (within a family, among friends, and romantic partners). The workshop was organized to make orphans feel relaxed and comfortable learning and discussing various topics. Their learning was reinforced through role-playing. For example, children were provided with various family scenarios and were asked to discuss how to build a happy family; what happiness meant to them; and how they envisioned achieving happiness in their life. At the end of the workshop, we asked children to fill out an anonymous survey to evaluate the workshop and share their feedback for future improvement.

Thanks to generous support of our contributors, the orphans had daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at local cafes: "Happiness," "Chicken Hut," "Day and Night," "Monaco," "Pyrizhkova House" "Olesya" and "Galych" and were provided with coffee breaks during the workshop (which included juice, tea, sandwiches, sweets, and fruit). For the duration of the workshop, the children stayed in comfortable double rooms at "Ternopil" hotel.

Beyond the life skills workshop, the children had the opportunity to ice-skate in the local mall "Podolyany," watch a movie at the Ukrainian House "Victory," and walk around the city. The Ternopil City Council provided us with free public transportation. Such events in the orphanage children's lives are really important as they provide them with learning opportunities and broaden their worldview.

The workshop organizers are looking for talented people who would like to share their experiences and skills with orphans, such as teach them beadwork, embroidery, knitting, and sewing, among others. Please contact us for further details.


: 28 January 2012

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