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October 2011 Events

From October 1st-8th 2011, Orphans Future Chairman Andriy Nazarenko had a working visit to the town of Ahterveld in the Netherlands, as well as stops in Brussels, Belgium. The trip was supported by the organizations partner , the WALO Group. WALO has done a great job of aiding Ukrainian orphans over the last 3 years. WALO and Orphans Future agreed on further cooperation in support of Summer Camp programs for Ukrainian orphans of the Ternopil region, with the assistance of volunteers from the Netherlands.

Andriy Nazarenko also gave Orphans Future presentations to five organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Representatives of Orphans Future joined the Commission of Orphanage program "Gifted Orphans: Steps Toward a Better Future", initiated by the public youth organization "Brotherhood of Orphans". The purpose of this program is to reward pupils of state-run orphanages for their academic progress, achievements and talents. The main goal of the program is to promote positive changes among orphan students.

The First Phase of the program gave a $25 USD award to 44 orphans from six orphanages: two in Ternopil, Koropets, Novoselo, Berezhany and Zalischyky, ages 11 to 17. Orphans Future continues to raise funds for this program. We are planning to provide such awards every 6 months.

The budget of First Phase: $ 1,100 United States dollars ($25 to 44 students).

Recently the project "Reconstruction of the Game Gazebo for Orphans" at the "Malyatko" orphanage (4 Sakharova Street in Ternopil, Ukraine) was completed. With financial support from United States benefactors Olya Schechter, Emma Cleary, Scott Wallace and others, the orphans now have access to a renovated playground area and a great place for outdoor games.

The budget for this project was $ 2,086 United States dollars.

The Administration of the Ternopil Regional Social Hostel for Orphans (at 16 Karpenko Street in Ternopil, Ukraine) addressed a letter to the Orphans Future, to assist in purchasing a refrigerator for tenants of the Hostel. An ATLANT refrigerator was purchased thanks to financial aid from the Rotary Club Rouse Hill in Sydney, Australia.

Budget: $ 398 United States dollars.

: 11 November 2011

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