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Summer Camp "Footpath"

From July 4th through July 15th 2011, five volunteers from the Ukrainian charitable foundation "Orphans' Future" had a 10-day summer camp called "Footpath" for 50 children from Ukrainian state-run orphanages. The camp was held at the recreation center "Forest", which is in the Buchach district of Ukraine's Ternopil region.

Materials for the summer camp were provided thanks to our United States friend, Mrs. Cora White (from Madison, Wisconsin). Mrs. White has also been taking care of two Ukrainian orphans from Ternopil.

Over ten days, orphans had a chance to learn, play fun games, and recreate together. All participants were divided into three teams: "Happy," "Joyful" and "Blessing". Contests and competitions were held between the teams. In the evening, children participated in educational activities, sang songs, and listened to music together.

At the end of the camp, the children organized a final concert, earned certificates for their respective achievements and also received souvenirs in memory of the camp.

Similar camps have been held every summer over the last 5 years. We are glad that there are regular sponsors who care about the fate of orphans and their development during the summer period. These sponsors make these camps happen, and we wish to give them a big heartfelt "Thank You!" for their support.

Organizers took photos from all the "Footpath" events; photos are available here.

The budget for the camp was $500 (United States Dollars).

: 27th July, 2011

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