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Shoes for 52 Orphans at Berezhany School

In recognition of International Children's Day (June 1st 2011) Ternopils Orphans Future Foundation, together with its partners and volunteers, purchased 52 pairs of sport shoes (worth $657 US Dollars). The shoes were presented to each orphan of the Berezhany state-run orphanage. In addition to shoes, children also enjoyed sweets, kindly provided by Mrs.Vira Nebesna (Director of the store "For the Dynamo). The children signed the volunteers T-shirts and decorated them with hand drawn art in memory of Childrens Day.

The target funds were collected in May 2011 from students of the educational institutions of Ternopil and at the charity concert "Give a Smile to a Child", which was held in the Ternopil National Technical University with the participation of famous Ternopil music groups VIP, Cheaper by the Dozen, All - In , Weekend, and Cabinet ". Twelve pupils of the Berezhany orphanage contributed a song and acrobatic performance number also.

Orphans Future expresses sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Childrens Day charity action: Dovgalyuk Nadya, the 3rd grade student of the Ternopil National Technical University, Vira Nebesna for significant contributions toward the footwear purchase, the Ternopil company "Terkuriy" for their support, and to all who contributed to this successful special event. The young orphans using the Resource Center will receive job seeking assistance, life decision making advice, and will have free access to a computer, printer, scanner, copier and the Internet.

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: 08th June, 2011

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