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The Orphan Graduate Resource Center is now open in the Ternopil region.

On May 1, 2011 the Information - Resource Center was opened for orphan students and youth of the Ternopil region of Ukraine.

Orphan Visitors at the Resource Center range from 14 to 28 years old, those who are aged out of the orphanage system and are transitioning to life on their own.

The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide information, reference, technical and psychological support free of charge to young orphans, who are deprived of such opportunities in their time of adaptation from the orphanage into society.The Resource Center provides assistance to orphans seeking employment, and provides educational opportunities to facilitate the full development of orphan graduates into fully functioning members of society.

Address of the Information Resource Center:

Chumatska 37 (at the Economic University, in the Druzhba area)

Ternopil, Ukraine

Phone #: 423-984

The Information - Resource Center is equipped with everything needed for workshops, seminars and meetings. Orphans have free access to a computer, printer, scanner, and copying machine for educational & job seeking purposes. Highly vulnerable orphaned youth will be able to eat and bathe at no cost.

The Information Resource Center was founded thanks to generous financial support from:

World Orphan Project: United States

Ukraine Charity: London, United Kingdom

Australia Rose Hill Rotary Club: Ternopil, Ukraine

WALO Group: The Netherlands

and Special Thanks for the efforts of our volunteers at Orphans Future Foundation.

: 01th May, 2011

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