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Project "Book About Me"

On March 23 2011, Orphan's Future volunteers Vasily Hrynkiv, Nadya Dovgalyuk, Ternopil Regional Correspondent Antonina Bryk of the newspaper "Freedom" along with Orphan's Future Executive Director Andriy Nazarenko visited 56 orphans at the Ternopil Orphanage to present the "Book About Me" project, initiated by the International Organization "Every Child".

From September 2010 through March 2011, the volunteers of Orphan's Future Foundation raised funds to order photo albums, purchase a digital camera, order professional photography and printed photos of the children. The orphans collaborated with orphanage staff and volunteers to design and assemble the books.

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Orphan's Future incurred the following expenses for the "Book About Me" project:

- 50 Photo Albums: $405

- Digital Camera purchase: $170

- 160 Professionally Printed Photographs: $20

Professional photography was provided free of charge by Olena Moravska. Iryna Vakalyuk, Ludmila Sivak and Vasiliy Hrynkiv assisted the orphanage staff and volunteers in helping the children complete their books.

Photo gallery report here

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Thank you letter from Ternopil orphanage

: 23 March, 2011

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