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Social project "Book about me"

The Orphans Future Foundation has supported initiative of the "Every Child" organization and has began implementing a social project "Book about Me" in the Ternopil region.

The purpose of this project is to give every child living in an orphanage own story of its childhood through providing a special album to him/her which will be used to create "Book about me" and recording memorable moments of his/her childhood with help of the caregiver or foster family.

The main problem is that most children in orphanages do not have opportunity to lead his/her life story as they do not have photo albums, personal photos and things they could relate to in order to save memories. When orphans grow up in orphanages, they have only verbal memories that might fade and disappear over the years. Sometimes we want to gather with our friends in adult life and remember the nice things from the past, but these children are lacking such possibility.

Lets present the own childhood history to the kids living without real home and family in orphanages!

More detail about project here "Book about me"

Media-partner of this project is Ternopil regional newspaper "Svoboda" which will publish each week a brief history and related photos of one child from an orphanage in Ternopil region.

If you want to take part in this social project, please write or call us at the Orphans Future Foundation!

: 08 September, 2010

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