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Australia Visit

Andriy Nazarenko, the Director of Orphans Future Foundation gave a presentation of the Foundations' work with orphan children and youth in Ternopil region to supporters and friends in the cities of Perth and Sydney in Australia.

A working meeting between Andriy and the Rotary Club of Rouse Hill was organized by Mr. Ron McKaller in Sydney. There were discussions about future support of Orphans' Future initiatives in 2010. Andriy had similar meetings with church representatives throughout Australia. He presented information about the Foundation to the church groups, and encouraged them to join the Foundations' efforts.

Orphans Future wishes to express its sincere Thanks to Mick French (Perth) for organizing round trip airline tickets from Ukraine to Australia, and to Ron McKeller for the opportunity to visit Sydney and learn about this wonderful country and its people. Andriy shared his Australian experience with the volunteers and friends of the Foundation once he returned to Ukraine in late February.

Andriy is giving a presentation to people of the Northwest Community Baptist Church

From left: Ron Mackeller, Andriy Nazarenko and Justin Coleman - the president of Rotary Club of Rouse Hill

: 04-24 February 2010

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