Transparency in Philanthropy Award 2015

Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

Winner 2007 in Ternopil Region

Thanks To

Thank you to our partners, friends and supporters of the orphans of Ternopil region. Your contribution to Orphans Future efforts gives a hope to the children and youth deprived of parental care and encourage us to make a difference in their lives.

Donated Amount Organization Private Persons
>$ 1000
  • One World Foundation
  • UAS Eastern European Adoption, Inc. Canada
  • World Orphan Project, Inc. USA
  • The Global Fund for Children, USA
  • Company AVK Kyiv.
  • UUARC, Inc, USA
  • WALO group, Holland
  • Malaga School, Spain
  • Elliott Foundation, USA
  • Ukraine Charity, UK
  • Rotary Clubof Rose Hill, Australia
  • Tim and Carlene Lois
  • Peter and Paula Breadis
  • Jose Luis Garcia Fernandez
  • Clara Pascal, USA
  • Yohan Delton, USA
  • Chritina Dmytryk, Olya Dmytryk London, GB
$ 500-1000
  • Fostering children and family Fund, USA
  • Thoughts of Faith, USA
  • "Gift of Life" Ternopil
  • The British Ukrainian Society, GB
  • World Orphan Project, Inc. USA
  • Tanas and Dzvenislava Hayda
  • Toos van Vliet, Holland
  • Yuriy Zenda, USA-Ukraine
  • Ron McKeller, Australia
  • Igor Makar, Great Britain
  • Pastor John Shep, USA
  • Cora White, USA
  • Ralph Pickering, Belgium
  • Darla Penner, Canada
  • Karen and Gordon Griffin, USA
  • Gruen's Family, USA
<$ 500
  • Microsoft Ukraine,Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Calvary United Church of Christ
  • Vermont Lutheran Church, USA
  • St. Andrew's Church, Belgium
  • Lisa Power, USA
  • Betsy Troutt, Canada
  • Adrian and Christine Spronk
  • George Elliott, USA
  • Tetyana Yakovchuk, Canada
  • Oleh Ivanovich, Czhech Republic
  • Vitaliy Tanchyk, Ternopil
  • Walt Luchkiv, Canada
  • Kermit Traska, USA
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ebneter, USA
  • Ron and Judy Gillmore, USA
  • Sharon Cardin, USA
  • Russ and Marlene Sahr, USA
  • Jessica +Lyle Buchberger, USA
  • David and Bethany Lois, USA
  • Caryl Anderson, USA
  • Ken and Judy Anderson, USA
  • Natalie Jaresko,Ukraine
  • Ralph Pickering, Belgium
  • Chris Spronk, USA
  • Lydia and Segundo Lopez, USA

Our Partners



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