Transparency in Philanthropy Award 2015

Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

Winner 2007 in Ternopil Region


There are 14-18 orphans leave State run orphanages every year in Ternopil region. Most of them continue studying in the Ternopil educational institutions.

Currently there are 30-35 orphan graduates use the Foundation's services.

Orphans Future supports young orphans by providing material and moral assistance and involves them to become active member of the society though different charity, educational and other activities which the Foundation run annually. See the program "The Graduate"

Graduates' personal needs are: school supplies, kitchen supplies, hygienic items, medical treatment, food, shoes.

Common graduates' needs: permanent habitation, registration, and appropriate job, additional skills trainings: language, computer and life management courses. To support the orphan graduates, please visit our donate page or contact us for additional information.

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