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We run fundraising campaigns to finance our activities and programs such as:

"Heart to Heart"

"The Graduate"

"A Family for each Child"

"Summer Camp"

"Heart to Heart"

The humanitarian program "Heart to Heart", which involves students from around the world who share clothes, toys, school supplies and sports equipment with the orphans during holidays such as Christmas (December - January), Easter and Children's Day (June 1st). The program also provides Pen Pals for the orphans. We welcome all students from different schools to join the program.

The goal of the Program is to provide orphans who live in state-run orphanages in the Ternopil region of Ukraine with basic needs and make their childhood happier.

"The Graduate"

The Graduate program runs annually and provides career-oriented training and basic household goods to orphan teenagers and the graduates. It covers internship expenses for well educated orphans. It also assists the graduates affected by poverty and homelessness with finding shelter, jobs and developing work and life skills.

Services provided to the graduates of the state-run orphanages:

  • Legal assistance
  • Provide the young children with needed school supplies, hygienic items and food
  • Time-to-time cover rent in dormitories
  • Provide free access to the Foundation's computer, printer, scanner and copy machine for homework
  • Organize and run recreational and cultural events: camping, excursions to art galleries, historical places, etc.

The Problem: 70% of orphan graduates have no home, and can only share a room in a dormitory with other two orphans. They have no opportunity to get permanent accommodations from the government. The other problem that orphans face when they leave the state-run orphanages is a legal process in Ukraine called "Registration". Without being properly Registered with the government, the adult can't get a proper and official job, a foreign passport to travel abroad if they decide to leave Ukraine for a better life, are not be able to receive financial aid from the government, and of course will never obtain private, non-government housing. Most of the graduates lack of knowledge about their legal rights regarding Registration. Former orphan students are assisting recent and future graduates in becoming knowledgeable about the Registration process, but more needs to be done to ensure that orphans do not give up on the Registration process and take to the streets for income.

That is why Orphans Future Foundation is raising funds to change the situation. More about Half-Home (Transition) Project visit here>>

"A Family for each Child"

The Foster Care program "A Family for each Child" promotes the national family care system in the Ternopil region by assisting local families with training, and providing financial support to local NGOs who develop and run activities that involve foster children and families. Organizations that meet the Foundation's requirements can apply for support. The Foster Care program is active year round.

"The Summer Skills Camp"

The Summer Skills Camp program involves volunteers teaching orphans needed life skills: crafts, languages, communication, time and money management, etc. The goal is to help break the cycle of institutionalisation by contributing to the education and socialisation of the children, to develop character, leadership skills, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. The Government pays to send our orphans to local Summer Camps, which are located in the Ternopil region. The orphans have opportunities to learn, meet new people and make friends. The problem is that the children spend three summer months at the same place and very often three or four summers at the same camp ground. The key to making the camp fun & adventurous for the youth is the spirit and energy of the volunteers at the camp. Without them, the camps would become redundant and stale. If you decide to join the Summer Camp for orphans it is best to schedule as early as possible. The Camp runs from June 21 till August 21 annually. Contact us for detailed information.

Orphans' Future works with medical organizations to provide basic health care products for the orphans including eyeglasses, hygienic items and medicines. Our long-term partner is The Medical Clinic on Wheels, which is run by the "Gift of Life" Charitable Foundation. The Foundation supports local NGOs' that work with orphans, such as: Brotherhood of Orphans, Orphans of Ternopil, etc

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