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Become a Mentor - change a Child's life!

What is the Purpose of Mentoring? Our goal is to implement a program of mentoring whereby orphans and children deprived of parental care will be guided and prepared for the transition from institutionalized care to adult independent life through a relationship with a suitably trained personal mentor selected to match the needs and personality of each individual child.

We Are Not Looking For Sponsors! We are looking for responsible, kind and sincere people who have the heart to make to help make a positive difference to the future lives of deprived children and have the opportunity to make a commitment to do so.

Why Become a Mentor? By becoming a mentor you have a huge opportunity to change the future life of a child deprived of parental care. You can give hope to a child who has no hope, you can give a sense of self-worth to a child who feels worthless, you can inspire a child with the confidence that they can build a good life for themselves and you can help a child be empowered to make good life choices that don't lead down the destructive paths of alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and suicide. You can save a child's life! And you may become the most important person in a child's life. And by so doing you will yourself be blessed and greatly benefit and so will the local community in which these children will live when they grow up and leave the orphanage.

How Does a Person Become a Mentor? A person who wishes to become a mentor will first need to attend a series of interviews with our psychologist and become qualified through a training program with our partner organization, "One Hope". People who successfully complete the training program will then be matched to a child whom they will be asked to mentor. The matching of a child to a suitable mentor will involve careful consideration by our team of psychologists and coordinators of the personality profile of each child and each mentor to achieve greatest compatibility and therefore maximize the chances of positive outcomes for all concerned.

With the support of the project team the Mentor will get acquainted with the history of the child, will be given detail instructions of working, and there will be developed an individual plan of cooperation with the Mentor-Child pair. Following this arrangement will be made for the Mentor to meet with the child once a week in the orphanage where they can develop their relationship and the child can have someone to whom they are special and with whom they can share their problems and hopes for the future. It is not expected that the Mentor can solve all the child's problems or know all the answers to all the problems themselves. Orphans' Future will continue to remain close to the Mentor-Child pair, monitoring, supporting and motivating and providing assistance when needed because the Mentor is an important part of our Team!

Mentor's main tasks:

  1. Assist the child develop study skills
  2. Help develop the child's social skills in relating to others which including social norms, rules of conduct, etc.
  3. Development of independent living skills needed for the transition to life outside the orphanage including guidance of the child to make life choices which will be beneficial to their lives.
  4. Promotion of the child's self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities to find solutions to their problems by giving them the knowledge that they are valuable in themselves through a relationship with someone to whom they are special and who cares about them and will listen to their concerns.

Every adult person, who has a heart to help deprived children and is willing to make a long-term commitment to give their time to help the children to be able to build for themselves successful lives when they leave the orphanage by sharing their Knowledge and experiences, can become a Mentor.

How to register your interest or find out more about being a Mentor? By telephone number +38 096 410 90 04 or through e-mail: or FACEBOOK. Please supply the following information: NAME and SURNAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TELEPHONE NUMBER, OCCUPATION. We will definitely contact you!

Become a Mentor - change a Child's life!

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