Transparency in Philanthropy Award 2015

Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

Winner 2007 in Ternopil Region

What Do We Want?

  • To assist orphans in obtaining Registered status with the Ukrainian Government: this status is very important in helping orphans lead normal, productive lives once they graduate
  • To give real-world guidance to these at-risk youth, so they can avoid the very serious downfalls many orphans face after graduation: crime, suicide, substance abuse, and prostitution
  • To provide basic items to orphans such as clothes, shoes, simple over the counter medications, etc as needed
  • To help orphans become responsible, confident, self sufficient and active members of their society
  • To assist orphans in getting a quality education and an appropriate job relating to their skills
  • To help orphans find a place to live and build their lives
  • To encourage orphans to give back to others in need
  • To improve orphans quality of life by providing meaningful, enriching opportunities & activities to orphan children

The Long Term Goals of the Foundation are to:

  • help orphan children adapt to independent life in open society
  • place them into foster families
  • assist the youth in obtaining quality higher education and jobs after graduation
  • help them in professional development
  • improve their living conditions
  • help them become self-sufficient and active members of society
  • to build or reconstruct a building in Ukraine which provides temporary shelter for 10-15 homeless orphan graduates each year. The building will have a Resource Center which will include a library, a computer with access to the internet and printer, and other services for all orphans of the Ternopil region
  • to continue to assist families who wish to adopt or become foster parents of the children from orphanages of the Ternopil region

Current Main Objectives

  • to partner with government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) programs, and to develop our own Orphans Future projects, in order to efficiently and effectively improve socioeconomic conditions of orphans and foster families
  • to participate in international projects that aim to improve socioeconomic conditions of the disabled and disadvantaged youth
  • to draw volunteers to do social work
  • to raise funds, donations and humanitarian aid for charity, education and other orphans projects
  • to facilitate leisure activities such as Summer Camp and vacation travel for orphans and their foster families that would otherwise not be possible
  • to develop and support educational programs for orphans including: health & nutrition courses, English skills, computer training, job skill development, etc
  • to provide material, financial, legal, and consultative aid to foster families, low-income families and orphans
  • to partner with national and international foundations, NGOs, educational and medical establishments, and religious organizations with the aim to fight childhood poverty locally and worldwide

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