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Eugene Hlyva Scholarship for Orphan Students
17 October 2020
We congratulate sixteen orphan students who won the "Eugene Hlyva Scholarship" and wish them further success. On Student Day, October 17, students who successfully passed all stages of the competitive ... Read more...

An Assistant Backpack
01 September 2020
Before September 1st, we provided the basic stationery to 22 children (aged 2 to 15), who are brought up in 14 families, whose mothers are former graduates of orphanage boarding schools of Ternopil re ... Read more...

A Bag of Support for an Orphanage Graduate 2020
31 August 2020
The fifteen orphanage graduates ages 16-17 years old from six boarding orphanage schools of Ternopil region received needed household items during the meeting which was organized on August 29th, 2020 ... Read more...

Orphanage children Birthday celebration
30 August 2020
We continue to wish a Happy Birthday to the children who are deprived of parental care and live their childhood in state-run institutions of the Ternopil region. ... Read more...

A Fundraising campaign for Bogdanchyks surgery
03 August 2020
During July and August 2020, charitable funds were raised for the surgery of the 5-year-old boy Bogdanchyk, a child deprived of parental care. ... Read more...

Transportation for two foster parents
25 July 2020
COLLECTION OF FUNDS IS COMPLETED! Two families Zagrotsky and Trikoz were able to buy two vehicles for their families with children. Thanks to everyone who joined the fundraising campaign which ran fro ... Read more...

Charity event "Clean children - healthy children"
04 June 2020
The charity event "Clean children - healthy children" is over. We have provided personal hygiene products to 80 children, who live in the orphanage boarding schools in Ternopil region. During the quar ... Read more...

Birthday Celebration for orphanage children
02 June 2020
Twenty orphanage children from five boarding schools of Ternopil region, celebrated their Birthdays, thanks to caring benefactors. This time we welcomed the children who were born in March, April and ... Read more...

"The hands of help" for youth, the orphanage graduates and single mothers in need
27 May 2020
Packages with food and personal care products were given to fifteen former pupils of state run orphanage boarding schools in Ternopil region (single mothers in need of age 23+ graduates, families in d ... Read more...

Celebrating 14th Anniversary
26 April 2020
Today, the team celebrates 14 years of active and fruitful work at the Orphans Future Charitable Foundation, together with philanthropists? mentors and our graduates and children of boarding school or ... Read more...

Easter Food basket for youth and single mother, the graduates of orphanages!
21 April 2020
When such a difficult moment arises, the local community comes to help. This year an Easter Food Basket charity event was organized by the Orphans' Future Foundation team to give a little hope and s ... Read more...

Traditions to celebrate children Birthday!
29 February 2020
"Memories from childhood go with us into adulthood, so they must be positive, bright and warm," said one of our benefactors. Each of us dreams about attention and surprises on own birthday. But most o ... Read more...

The Eugene Hlyva Scholarships were awarded to orphans
10 February 2020
On February 10, 2020, the participants of the Eugen Hlywa Scholarship Program gathered at the Resource Center of the Orphans Future Foundatio, the six (3 Students and 3 Alumni) are young people from ... Read more...

"Host a Child from an orphanage in the family"
20 January 2020
When winter holidays are over, we have great news for you to share. Fourteen children of Berezhany, Nove Selo, Grymailliv orphan boarding schools and Ternopil Orphanage spent New Year and Christmas ho ... Read more...

Christmas Journey 2020
11 January 2020
30 children from residential establishments of Ternopil region (Berezhan, Nove Selo, and Ternopil) went on a one day Christmas Journey for Kids organized by Orphans Future Foundation together with o ... Read more...

The housing issue of orphaned youth
09 January 2020
We are happy to know that 24 young people from the orphanage have finally been able to get the long-awaited housing from the state of Ukraine and will be able to turn a new page of their lives in a ne ... Read more...

Competition for Yevhen Hlyva Scholarship
07 January 2020
To the attention of graduates of orphanages and children deprived of parental care (aged 18+). The Orphans Future Charitable Foundation is launching Yevhen Hlyva Scholarship Program, which will allow ... Read more...

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