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A Bag of Support for an Orphanage Graduate 2020

The fifteen orphanage graduates ages 16-17 years old from six boarding orphanage schools of Ternopil region received needed household items during the meeting which was organized on August 29th, 2020 at the Orphans' Future Foundation Resource Center which is located in Ternopil city area.

Besides the items, each of the graduates shared their expectations and fears for the future during the meeting. Our team introduced the services that Orphans' Future Foundation is providing to the youth to help them to get ready for independent living.

The Program has been implemented by the Foundation team, former orphanage graduates themselves, together with other kind supporters. We are well aware that orphanage graduates need much more, and such individual attention and support is very important.

The total budget of the Program this year was 60,902.50 Ukrainian hryvnya which is about - $2,235.00 US dollars.

The budget for each graduate was 4 060, 17 UAH. which is $150 US dollars.

The Graduate Support Suitcase included the following items:

* Set of utensils: frying pan with lid -1pc., a Pan - 2pcs., a Kettle -1pc., Grater -1pc., Colander) - 1pc., Ladle - 1pc., Container 0.8l - 1pc, container 2.8 l - 1pc., kitchen board. - 1pc., Potato masher - 1pc., Table fork - 2pcs., Tablespoon - 2pcs., Tea spoon - 2pcs., Deep plate - 1pc., Round plate (flat) - 1pc., Mug -1 pc., Kitchen knife 20cm .- 1pc., Than for vegetables - 9cm. - 1pc., Culinary spatula - 1pc.

* Bedding set: pillow - 1, ablanket - 1 piece, bedding set - 1 piece. towels - 2pcs., Plaid - 1pc., Pillow - 1pc., Small towels - 2pcs, bag - 1pc).

A Travel bag - 1 piece.

At the end of the meeting, the young people together with the team of Orphans' Future had a small pizza party. The pizza was donated by a local Pizzeria with whom our organization has been partners for many years.

Thank you to:

Local Agro Invest Companies

Olia Dmytryk

Annya Knautz

Dina Wood

Khrystyna Tryhub

@Alla Khan,

JYSK Ukraine Ternopil,

Volodymtr Shpak,

Oleksandra Smirnova

Nadia Dudar,



: 31 August 2020

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