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Transportation for two foster parents

COLLECTION OF FUNDS IS COMPLETED! Two families Zagrotsky and Trikoz were able to buy two vehicles for their families with children. Thanks to everyone who joined the fundraising campaign which ran from June till July, 2020.

During June - July 2020 we asked people to support an important social project, the purchase of a van for the Zagrotsky and Trikoz families, who take care of the children with disabilities and who are deprived of parental care.

Despite their difficulties and human condemnation, these families were able to open their hearts and give love to children who had no chance of living in a family circle.

The Orphans Future Foundation responded to the request of one of the families:

"Dear brothers and sisters. Our family raises 10 children, 4 of them are disabled 1 group, 2 subgroup "A". These are lying children, for whom transporting and trips to hospitals or other institutions are simply impossible without a van.

Now we have the opportunity to buy a van, just enough to fit all our children. The cost of the bus is 8 thousand dollars (216 000 UAH). The local church gives us a part, which is 4 thousand dollars (108 000 hryvnias), another 2.5 thousand dollars (67 500 hryvnias) we managed to raise on our own, but another 1.5 thousand dollars (40 500 hryvnias) are not enough.

We ask you, if God puts it in your heart, to help us raise UAH 40,500 so that we can buy this long-awaited bead for children! Thank you and bless you!

With respect and love, the Zagrotsky family "(Vyzhhorodok village, Lanovetsky district, Ternopil region)

Contacts of the Zagrotsky family: 0505591024 (father Yaroslav) Yaroslav Zagrotsky

0994486508 (mother Natalia) Natalia Zagrotska

0975530820 (Andriy Nazarenko - Chairman of the Foundation)

: 25 July 2020

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