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Birthday Celebration for orphanage children

Twenty orphanage children from five boarding schools of Ternopil region, celebrated their Birthdays, thanks to caring benefactors. This time we welcomed the children who were born in March, April and May. Unfortunately, due to quarantine, we were unable to greet the children in time.

The day before, the team of Orphans Future together with volunteers visited three orphanage boarding schools Berezhany, Nove Selo and Ternopil and organized a Birthday celebration for children there. Aim of the visits was to give a piece of kindness and love, through the program "Birthday celebration. It is very popular program for the children, because they have the opportunity to receive "individual" gifts from kind people and have fun.

But the most that attracted our attention was to see how the children with a great interest unpack gifts and share their impressions of the surprises received:

"Wow", "Supper", "Wow", "I wanted this doll so much", "What a cool ball, I'll play football with my own soccer ball now", "What a cool watch, this is the one I dreamed of" , "I've been waiting a long time for cosmetics and a book", "Oh, these are the headphones I saw on TV and dreamed of listening to music", "Look what a robot transformer I have", "Oh, I can now measure my steps and running during the day, thanks for a smart watch. "

This is exactly what children's emotions look like, which indicate to us that this is a necessary program "Birthday celebration" for children and in the interests of children!

The Foundation team wants to thank to all the supporters that joined the Birthday Program and wish them goodness and happiness:

Olya Dmytryk (London), Stepan Holovan and Uliana Staryk (London), Tanya Gachok (Ternopil), Inna Tkachenko (Ternopil), Ruslan Babyak (Ternopil), Natalya Brygadyr (Ternopil), Mariya Holovko (Ternopil), Oksana Badlo (Ternopil), Veronika Dokhvat (Ternopil), students of the Techer University: Kateryna Korol, Natalya Chaban, Anastasiya Skalska, Antonina Dyakova.

: 02 June 2020

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