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"The hands of help" for youth, the orphanage graduates and single mothers in need

Packages with food and personal care products were given to fifteen former pupils of state run orphanage boarding schools in Ternopil region (single mothers in need of age 23+ graduates, families in difficult life circumstances).

This initiative is being implemented by the Orphans Future Foundation as part of the Helping Hands Program, which helps to improve the living conditions of the graduates of state-run orphanages who are left alone, are in need and quarantined and forced to remain unemployed.

The Foundation's team, like no other, knows how difficult it is to cope with the orphanage boarding school graduates who have reached the age of 23 and who, unfortunately, remain beyond the support of the state.

Therefore, our Foundation tries to provide quality assistance to such graduates through the implementation of various charitable programs and promotions, so people can join and together it is much easier to help others.

Here are the emotions shared by the youth and single mothers in need, the program participants:

"Good day. Thank you very much for the food set. Prosperity to you and God's blessing ", - mother I.

"Thank you very much. Health, happiness and many years ", - mother O.

"Thank you very much for your help that you were able to help me," said graduate L.

"It's good that there are people like you who care about the lives of boarding school graduates," said V.

The total cost of the program was $ 250.00 USD including the transportation cost to deliver food packages.

Join us, If you are interested in helping the youth in need, who are former orphanage inmates and are now the graduates without government support.

: 27 May 2020

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