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Easter Food basket for youth and single mother, the graduates of orphanages!

When such a difficult moment arises, the local community comes to help. This year an Easter Food Basket charity event was organized by the Orphans' Future Foundation team to give a little hope and support to 17 needy families and 15 youths who had graduated from state-run orphanages in Ternopil region and today struggle from unemployment and lack the funds to buy basic traditional food to celebrate.

Thanks to so many local people and small businesses, each family was able to feel love and support during the Christian holiday!

Total budget was 463 USD dollars.

The words of appreciation from the graduates who received Easter support:

"Thank you for not forgetting about our family and providing important products for Easter"

"I am so grateful to you and to all the good people who helped and that I was able to get a set of products without which I would not have imagined how I would have spent Easter"

"Thank you to the Foundation team and philanthropists for their support during this difficult time"

"I heartily thank you for a wonderful Easter basket" R.

"Thank you. You give us Love, Joy, Faith and Hope especially for the Holidays" A.

"Thank you for the products, we are very pleased that you do not forget about us"

: 21 April 2020

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