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Traditions to celebrate children Birthday!

"Memories from childhood go with us into adulthood, so they must be positive, bright and warm," said one of our benefactors. Each of us dreams about attention and surprises on own birthday. But most of all this holiday is enjoyed by children. But there are children who are deprived of parental care and live in boarding orphanage schools and cannot receive positive impressions and emotions on their birthday.

That is why, thanks to the annual charity Program of the "Birthday Celebration" the children of orphanages of the Ternopil region are able to feel anxious, receive small gifts on their birthday thanks to indifferent people and at the same time to find new friends and support.

So, recently, 11 children of Zalishchyky boarding school, Ternopil orphanage, Nove Selo NVK, Berezhany boarding school and Grimayliv boarding school, who were born in December, January and February, had an unforgettable birthday parties.

We are very pleased to see the smiles and joy in the eyes of the children who have long dreamed of the desired gifts and attention on this day.

Sincere thanks to all the benefactors who contributed to the implementation of the Program and gave their attention and their time to the children. Thank you Tetyana Hachok (Lanivtsi); Olia Dmytryk (London); Khrystyna Tryhub and her friends.

If you wish to make a holiday for a child from orphanage on the day of her or his birthday, but you are worried and do not know how, then we will gladly assist you in this good, and most importantly, charitable cause. Call and email us.

We are reminded that as early as March, six orphans will have their birthdays and look forward to the attention and surprises.

: 29 February 2020

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