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Life Skills Program for orphanage children

To understand the essence of the profession, it must be seen ". Last weekend eighteen our orphan teens from four orphanages of the Ternopil region (Berezhany, Nove Selo, Terebovlya, Ternopil city) continued to prepare for independent living through our annual social program" On the Threshold of Independent Life ". During the two days, the children visited different factories, businesses, and companies and learned about eachprofession and what skills and knowledge are needed to be qualified for a job within the company.

At the Viknar'off factory the children had an opportunity to see and learn the production of metal-plastic windows.

After that, the children were learning about the "Scratch" programming language as IT technologies play a very important role in the modern world.

Then the children visited the tourist companies "Viki-tour" and TUI. The staff there shared their experience in the field of tourism and how it works in Ukraine and in the world. The children were excited to learn about this profession as many of them look forward to visit other places but lack knowledge about travel.

At the Communal Enterprise "TernopilVodokanal", the children learned about different types of pipes at the open air museum. Then they visited the laboratory where a technician showed them some experiments with water and the role of this profession in the safety of water in the city of Ternopil;

At the Restaurant "Vodograj", the children learned about professions such as server and bartender; what services they provide to the people and the skills needed to do that job. The children learned to make cappuccino and latte. Then they decorated them.

One of the previous orphanage graduates, Ruslan Babjak, described his life journey from an orphanage to independent entrepreneurship in health and fitness. Now Ruslan runs two fitness centers in the city of Ternopil. Ruslans primary message was that to achieve success its necessary to have a clear vision of your future goals.

On Sunday, the children visited the Agroprodservice factory and learned about the cultivation and processing of grain crops: corn, soy, and wheat. After the tour, the children went to a huge apple orchard and picked as many apples as they could carry.

As a regular part of the training, the children prepared a food budget for breakfast and dinner, went to a supermarket and bought the needed supplies to prepare meals for themselves for the two days.

We are thankful to the local restaurants Autoport and Ternozavr for providing lunches to our children for the two days of the Life Skills training program.

The Life Skills Program has been preparing orphans for adult life since 2012 with the support of the Global Fund for Children

The program is organized and run by our volunteers Iren Vakaliuk, Volodia Yavorskyy Andriy Nazarenko

: 01 December 2018

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