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Autumn adventure for orphanage children

Thirty six children of orphanages of the Ternopil region (Berezhany, Ternopil, Terebovlya) discovered the "Mysterious Volyn" during a day-long trip to the Volyn region of Ukraine. The children were intrigued by the mysteries of the Dubesnky Castle, the room of curved mirrors, underground passages and the history of the princes of Ostrozky and Lubomyrskiy.

At the Rivne Zoo the children saw so many different animals such as: tigers, lions, wolves, primates and hundreds of other exotic animals. The children were the most impressed with the monkeys who were interacting with them and were taken food from them.

On the road, children visited the Fort Cockatoo, where they learned about the history of battles and defenses there and that this Fort was under construction for fifties years. It's just something incredible. The underground of the Fort is very dangerous and spooky.

The children had lunch in an open air picnic area and the opportunity to make purchases independently for the funds that the Foundation has provided, has made it possible for the children to feel like true travelers.

The children learned about the history of Volyn area, the Bona mountain, about the blue color, which is a symbol of friendship and openness of Volyn.

The excursion was a great success, thanks to the excellent guide Mr.Oleg Dereh from the Tourist company "Viki-Tour".

The trip was financially covered by Real Men Real Style and we are thankful for such an opportunity for our children.

Iryna Vakaliuk and Volodia Yavorskyy, the Orphans Future leaders accompanied the children on the trip.

Such trips give the children an opportunity to learn about the Ukraine history and the culture of different regions of Ukraine. Especially, after school starts and the leaves turned color it is a great time to see the all beauty of Ukraine outside the orphanage.

The state-run institutions are lack of funds to organize such events for their children and then volunteers and supporters step in to help the children have memories and show something new.

: 01 October 2018

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