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First aid support to Orphanage Graduate

Twenty orphanage graduates of Ternopil region from six state-run institutions received support of a set of household items for everyday independent adult life in a new environment. Unfortunately, the state (boarding schools) does not provide the necessary things for such youth. When we compare the situation when the children who arrive to college from family environment have all needed items for living in a student dormitory than children from state-run orphanages are lack of such possibility.

The set of household items for orphanage graduates included elementary things for life such as: a set of pots, a frying pan with a lid, a teapot, plates, mugs, forks, spoons, knives, food containers, pillow, bath towel, set of bed linen. With these things the orphan student will be able start his/her independent life in a hostel and the process of adaptation will be much softer.

Theses days were joyful and at the same time sad for our orphanage graduates because in front is unexplored life and fight for their successful and happy future.

Thank you Natalia Kotsyuba for the delicious cake, which became a symbol of a sweet start to adult life graduates.

The Foundation team would like to express gratitude to all the people who helped us purchase and collect all the support for this year orphanage graduates:

- Mylana Semeniuk (Chicago, USA),

- Alexandra Smirnova (Kyiv),

- Oleksandra Lavryshyn (Ternopil),

- Volodymyr Paraschuk (Ternopil),

- Tetyana Dvorska and (Ternopil)

- Olena Bahan (Ternopil),

- Petro Rybak (Ternopil),

- NGO "Good neighbor" (Ternopil),

- Company Viknar'off (Ternopil),

- Natalia Kotsuba (Ternopil),

- Nadiya Marysyuk (Ukraine),

- Ulyana Stepanyuk (Ukraine).

We also thank all kind people who joined this action and donated funds during the implementation of the 2018 charity bike ride, held in Ternopil on July 22, 2018. We raised 4800 UAH/ 177 USD.

During the charity action the twenty graduates received the needed items for 41,205 UAH or $1,526.00 USD

: 01 September 2018

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