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Camp World Without Borders

More than thirty five children from local state-run orphanage boarding schools had a great time during the five day camp which was held in Berezhany sanatorium, Ternopil region from August 18 to 23. The children discovered the amazing diversity of different cultures and customs of peoples living in different parts of the world. Every day in the camp was focused on a different continent or country, so that every day was interesting and exciting with new things to learn.

The volunteer team created a positive and favorable atmosphere in the camp, which contributed to the development of the self esteem of the children encouraging a high level of participation in all activities. During this time of stay in the camp, the children had 5 days of care and support, happy moments and smiles; and creativity.

Together with the children, through our interesting activities we journeyed to different lands and learned about people and how they live. For each child, space was created where everyone was able to be himself and create his own world. It was a "space of openness" and "space of creativity", imagining themselves in totally different culture.

The program of the camp included:

- Master classes such as making bracelets, jewelry and ornaments.

- Fun quests relating to life in different countries;

- Small and large games;

- Face painting;

- Craft classes;

- Sports Relays;

- Indian Color Festival;

- Musical improvisations and dance;

- Creative Art;

- Made their own Waterslide;

- Photo zone;

- Ice cream party every day;

- Picnic in beautiful natural surroundings;

Also, every child at the end of the camp received photos in memory of the happy moments of life at the World without Borders Camp. In addition all children received awards or medals in many different categories which included, happiness, enthusiastic participation, creativity, kindness, just to name a few.

We thank the team of volunteers for the time and effort in making this camp a very enjoyable learning experience for all the children, deprived of parental care: Tetyana Tereshchenko, Maxim Kasardy, Nazar Slobodian, Irina Vakalyuk, Volodymyr Yavorsky, Andriy Nazarenko and Maria Tereshchenko.

The camp was made possible thanks to the support of the organization, Global Fund for Children, who have been our loyal supporter for many years.

: 24 August 2018

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