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WALO Camp "Good without Borders"

From 23 July to 3 August, seven volunteers from the Netherlands arrived to Ternopil region, Ukraine to organize and spent ten days summer camp with more than 100 children who had holidays in Zalishchytsky state-run sanatorium. Among the children, there were also orphans and children deprived of parental care from local orphanages.

Such a camp was possible through the close cooperation of the Orphans Future Foundation and the organization WALO from the Netherlands for over 10 years. Each year, volunteers from the Netherlands come to Ukraine to spend time with our children and give them a piece of their love. Such camps take place once a year, in the summer, in various sanatoriums in our Ternopil region, where foreign volunteers are able to fully immerse themselves in children, live in "sanatorium" conditions and learn about the life of children.

During the ten days of the summer camp program, the children were able to study the culture of the Dutch people, the English language and learn a lot from the new volunteers.

The volunteers brought a lot of joy, happy moments and unforgettable experiences to all children. In the camp, volunteers created for each child a "space" for development and creativity, where children played different games, performed creative tasks and approached closer to Dutch life.

During the camp, each child received the attention and support from volunteers. The time that the children spent with the volunteers was valuable. Every day, children also had "language lessons", where they freely studied English and this allowed them to even more friends with volunteers.

Upon completion of the camp, each child received souvenirs from Holland in memory of the country and volunteers.

Our Foundation thanks WALO (group) volunteers for their daily work in the interests of children and their creative ideas at the camp, thanks to which the children got a lot of impressions and a great holiday during this summer time.

: 06 August 2018

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