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6th Annual Threshold of Independent Life Camp at Chervona Kalyna

The 2018 "On the Threshold of Independent Life" camp was held June 1-3 at the "Chervona Kalina" recreation center in Ukraines Terebovlyansky district. Twenty eight children (Grades 8-11) attended from the following orphanages: Nove Selo special needs, Terebovlya, Berezhany, and Ternopil. The camp was made possible with financial assistance from the Global Children's Fund (USA).

For the sixth year in a row, the volunteers at Orphans Future Foundation created a positive atmosphere in the camp, introducing interesting tasks, quests, and games for children at the annual "On the Threshold of Independent Life" training program.

The camp started with "The Dream of the Blossom", where each participant presented themselves, their achievements, and shared their dreams after graduation from the orphanages.

The students homework was to create a name for their team, a motto, logo and dancing command dance. The names of the teams included: "Bears", "Smiley", "Both-on", and "Pokemonchiki".

During the camp, the children traveled a quest route to different stations: Health, Communication, Relationship, Food, Money, About Me, and Education. Students did practical tasks and guessed at quizzes related to the stations, showing the knowledge and skills learned there and from a previous program, "On the Brink of Independent Life", which ran from April to May 2018. Camp participants performed tasks for team-building; each had defeats and victories, laughs and tears, but in a friendly atmosphere. All students attended the finals, and received prizes for active participation.

At each station, the teams responded to questions from the quiz and performed practical tasks, receiving points and a piece of a map. Having completed all the pieces of the map, the team was given the task of finding its treasure using instructions and a compass. Thus, the children learned to navigate the locality using hand-held tools.

In their spare time, the children enjoyed swimming in a pool and the sun rays.

During the "Mission Impossible" session, teams had the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership abilities and skills while performing tasks throughout the camp's day, thereby putting their team at the forefront.

In the evening, the children drank juice and cooked fried sardines over a fire, exchanged experiences and spoke about their plans after graduation. A surprise for everyone was a fireworks show in honor of International Day of Children's Rights Protection on Friday June 1, 2018.

At the end of the camp, each participant received a certificate attesting to their participation in the program, and were awarded prizes for their accomplishments.

At the time of departure, children for a long time could not say goodbye to each other, because they are so used to each others company. However, they will meet again, in another camp.

We express our deepest thanks to the volunteers who joined the camp and gave their attention and care: Liliya Slome, Olga Plyuskvik, Kristina Trigub, Solomiya Vashchyshyn, Volodymyr Yavorsky, Irina Vakalyuk and Nataly Kotsyubi.

Thanks also to the Ternopil Plastunov group for organizing and conducting the "Gauntlet Strip" quest, during which the children showed intuition, courage, wit and agility.

Thank you to the SOKIL organization for creating and conducting the "Games of the Patriots" quest during which the children felt like brave warriors with strong spirits, forming a patriotic attitude toward their country.

Thanks also goes out to volunteer Denis Struminsky for his professional photography during the camp.

: 05 June 2018

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