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From Heart to Heart: Celebrating Orphans Birthdays

Orphaned children from state-run institutions enjoyed a real celebration of their birthdays, receive real attention and care through the charitable program From Heart to Heart: Orphans Birthday Celebration, that involves volunteers from Ternopil and abroad.

The team at Orphans Future launched this program in January 2018 for forty five children from Ukraines Berezhany and Nove Selo orphanage boarding schools, and the Ternopil orphanage.

Children living in institutions are not able to celebrate their birthdays fully with all the usual traditions and attributes, and thus do not understand the importance of this day. These children dream about positive attention and gifts on their special day.

Since the beginning of the year, 21 children have received dreamed about gifts, care and love from kind people. On May 29th, eight orphans born with May birthdays from the Berezhany, Ternopil and Nove Selo state-run institutions celebrated their birthdays in the "Podolyany" Ternopil Entertainment Center.

Together with the volunteers, some of the children played at the large Madagascar Entertainment Center, while the rest learned how to bowl. After the fun, the children had pizza with juice, and in the end the volunteers presented a big chocolate birthday cake with candles. The children made a wish and blew out the candles on their cake. The most appealing and intriguing moment was receiving gifts. With great joy in their eyes, the children unpacked their gifts and shared their excitement with volunteers and friends.

The Orphans Future team thanks the volunteers who've contributed their time and resources to the organization of these festivals, and gave unforgettable memories to the children. From "Podolyany": Tatiana Chubak, Christina Trygub, Mariana Pidlubniy, Helen Kerentseviy, Lesya Golik, and Diane Tchaikovsky. Thank you for sharing moments of joy and laughter with these needy children from orphanages on their birthday.

We would like also to thank the volunteers who have already joined our program and made a real holiday for orphan children born between January and April: Tatyana Nazarenko (Belgium), Christine Trigub, Maryana Podlubnya, Olena Kerentseva, Irina Burtniak, Ulyany Shevchenko, Roman Babiychuk, and Petro Rybak. This is a very good way to meet orphans. They are waiting for you!

We invite everyone to the Summer 2018 event "From Heart to Heart: Birthday Celebration" for orphaned children born in June, July, and August. Contact us for details at

: 30 May 2018

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