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International Forum "Deinstitutionalization: The Way from the Institution to Community Care" Held in Lviv

On May 17-18 2018, Orphans Future volunteers Iryna Vakalyuk and Natalia Kotsiuba, along with Ilona Tricoz from the NGO "Family for the Child" participated in the International Social Forum "Deinstitutionalization: The Way from the Institution to Community Care". The Forum was held at the Spiritual Seminary of the Holy Spirit in Lviv, Ukraine.

Attendees had various backgrounds, representing: social services, children's services, doctors, teachers, directors of boarding schools, university lecturers, students, OTGs, non-governmental and charitable organizations. All of them gathered in Lviv for one goal - to see happy children in family systems of education instead of state run boarding schools.

This is already the second practical forum of deinstitutionalization, conducted by the Lviv Educational Foundation. Expert presenters from different fields shared their knowledge and experience, engaged in some heated discussions, and ultimately worked together to develop further steps in reforming the system of caring for Ukraines orphans.

The experience of de-institutionalization was shared by a guest from Austria, Mr. Herman Radler. He is the president of FIE International DI. Mr. Radler spoke on the major challenges he faced when implementing orphanage reform in Austria.

Our volunteers met new acquaintances at the Forum, and received important guidance for implementation of #DI in Ukraines Ternopil region. Thanks goes out to #LvivAllianceFoundation for the invitation to this important Forum.

It is very important to study and take into account the experience, statistics, and methodology used for implementing #DI in the interests of the child. Each of us must be "agents of change" for child welfare. We understand that the #DI process is difficult and time-consuming, but Orphans Future Foundation is ready for qualitative changes necessary in the interest of the child. Only by working together, at all levels of institutions, and realizing the importance of the #DI process, can we give a happy future to children who are brought up without parental care.

Let's jointly support the #DI Reform and extend a helping hand to those who need it!

: 20 May 2018

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