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Host a Child from an Orphanage

Nine orphan children from orphanage institutions in the Ternopil region of Ukraine spent time in a family environment during 2018 Spring Break and the Easter holidays. Local families from the Ternopil region responded to the charitable action Host a Child from an Orphanage and gave the orphans warmth and comfort in their homes.

Children from the Berezhany, Novoselo, and Ternopil orphanages participated in Easter family traditions, and were able to see the functions of a family in real life. The children relaxed, played games and enjoyed the time spent with their host families.

For Ukrainians, Easter is a special holiday with unique traditions: painting colorful Easter eggs, eating tasty Paska (a sweet Easter bread made with eggs), and singing "Hayivka (a ceremonial song celebrating the arrival of Spring). Pupils were able to join in these traditions: they painted Easter eggs, attended Easter church services, and blessed full Easter baskets with holy water. Some of the children quickly made new friends with their host families, and willingly helped the family around the house.

We understand that for most orphanage children, life in biological families is known, but not in a positive way. Therefore, the action "Host a Child from an Orphanage" allows orphan children to get a fresh experience in a family setting, to find loyal friends, mentors or a maybe even new family. Making these personal connections is very important to orphans as they progress in life, as they provide valuable guidance and assistance that would otherwise not be there.

Time flew by fast, and the children returned to their "temporary" home orphanage boarding school, with hope for a better future and the opportunity to be with a family again.

The Foundation's team would like to thank the following families for participating in the Spring 2018 event:

-Badlyuk Anny and Volodymyr, Ternopil region (Chortkiv)

-Novosad Igor and Ivanni, Berezovitsa, Ternopil region (2 pupils were invited)

-Krivochatko Nadiya and Volodymyr, Ternopil region (1 pupil)

-Panasyuk Galina and Petro, Ternopil region (4 pupils)

-Samoti Oksana and Grigory, Zaruddy (in the Zborivsky district)

The Host a Child from an Orphanage event is a milestone in the process of deinstitutionalization in Ukraine, which aims to replace raising orphan children in state operated residential institutions to family type care by the year 2026. Therefore, the team of the Orphans Future Foundation calls on families in the Ternopil region to participate in these events, to test themselves and to not be afraid to take children in from boarding schools or to become a mentor for an orphan child.

Families in the Ternopil region can contact Orphans Future if they would like to start the process of meeting with an orphan child; it is not necessary to wait for a holiday event to start assisting a child in need. Orphans Future contact information can be found here.

Experienced specialists at Orphans Future, together with social services, are ready to provide professional counseling during the period of the child's adaptation in the family, both during the short-term stay of the child in the family and during a long-term stay.

During the Spring 2018 action, residents of the Ternopil region saw many posters about the event at bus stops and public transport. We will continue to inform the local public about our next event to assist orphans. You can also join the action and invite our orphanage children to your family.

Please visit the Orphans Future website for more information.

: 12 April 2018

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