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Strategic Planning of a Charitable Organization

Training to aid in the strategic planning and development of the Orphans Future Foundation was held March 29th and 30th 2018, at the Ternopil Hotel Conference Hall, a partner of the event.

The training was conducted by experienced practitioners: Mr. Ruslan Krapich, a member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation Name of the Prince benefactors of Ostrozky; and with financial support from ICAR "Ednanya" under the Organizational Development of Non-Profits program. Thanks goes out to the Real Men Real Style company for providing coffee and lunch for our training program.

The participants looked at the possible working structures of Orphans Future Foundation. An emphasis was placed on the strategic development of the organization over the next few years, taking into account internal and external risks and opportunities.

On the first day, volunteers discussed and deepened their knowledge of what is strategy, strategic planning, and how to anticipate development; clarified groups of consumers, clients, beneficiaries, and partners; plus created static personal and organizational values.

The participants addressed the following issues:

    • How do we articulate our mission, and how does our vision of the future affect our perception of our surroundings?

    • Learning to visualize our desired achievements over the next 2-5 years via drawings

    • Diagnosing the organizations current state and readiness for the future (Strategic planning and, SWOT/Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis)

    • We looked critically at the state of affairs and the structure of Orphans Future Foundation, and tried to draw what should be the ideal organogram of the organization

    • Studied how to set achievable goals based on the analytical diagnostics of organizations that meet our Mission and Vision

    • Determine what structural changes are needed, and the viability of the organization

    • How to involve key people in the planning and achievements of our organization (we found that Orphans Future needs about 10-15 people to function properly)

Our homework task was to bring all parts of the developed strategic plan into a document that will become the "Road Map" for the development of the organization.

After the training, an organizational development consultant will meet with Orphans Future at least 10 times (both remotely and through attendance at the organization's activities). These consultations will assist in the strategic planning of our organizations development. A Road Map will be drawn up, indicating required actions, responsibilities, and deadlines. Quantitative and qualitative results will be determined, and accompanying documents will be updated as necessary so the organization can carry out the plan set in the Road Map.

The Orphans Future Foundation team is ready to learn, develop and change the lives of orphan children, through professionalism and perseverance. This training session provides the foundation with the tools it needs to successfully assist orphans now and in the future.

: 01 April 2018

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