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Press Conference "Who Needs Children from Orphanages?"

A press conference was held on March 15th, 2018 in Ternopil Press Center to address the problems of children living in the twelve orphanages of Ukraines Ternopil region.

Representatives from Orphans Future Foundation, the Caritas-Ternopil Foundation, the Ternopil State Department of Children's Services plus two future orphan graduates responded to journalists' questions and expressed their own ways of solving the problems orphanage graduates are faced with in everyday life.

Together with the pupils of the Berezhany orphanage boarding school, Orphans Future volunteers Vasyl and Nastya spoke about the importance of teaching life skills to children who live in orphanage boarding schools, and the need to prepare them for independent adult life in society. The annual program of training orphaned children with life skills in an open environment (instead of in the residential institutions) has been going on for the past six years, made possible with financial aid from the Global Fund for Children.

Iryna Vakalyuk, a representative of the Orphans Future organization, along with Maya Sigismundivna, the Deputy Chief of the Ternopil Regional State Administration's Children's Service, presented information on the public charity action "Host an Orphan for the Holidays" at the press conference. Representatives of the organization invited local families to devote time around the Holidays to a child from an orphanage, and encourage the families to become much needed advisors and mentors to the children.

On behalf of the Orphans Future Foundation, we are grateful to the local media for disseminating information to the community, including TV4, TTB Social, INTB and about five publications.

The Ternopil City Council freely distributed social advertising in 100 trolley buses in the city of Ternopil. Advertising for the campaign was printed and distributed throughout Ternopil thanks to the support from the Global Fund for Children.

Media coverage and events like the Holiday Hosting project allows the realization of the mission of the Orphans Future, which is to help orphaned children grow up in a healthy family environment and with needed life skills.

The event in local media:

Teren 16.03.2018

Doba 16.03.2018

Za Zbruchem 16.03.2018

INTB TV Channel, 16.03.2018. 16.03.2018

20 Minutes NewsPaper 15.03.2018

Ternopil City Council 16.03.2018

: 16 March 2018

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