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Visit to Holland in support of orphans

Volunteers of the OrphansFuture Foundation - Irina Vakalyuk in December had the opportunity to visit the WALO group Achterveld partner organization and present the fund's activities, as well as establish new friendly relations with foreign volunteers. Annually, hundreds of volunteers from the small town of Achterveld (The Netherlands) are involved in charity in support of orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ternopil region. The inviting party, the WALLO group organization, organized the Christmas Fair on December 17, 2017 in support of children who are brought up in boarding schools of the Ternopil region.

Volunteers from the Netherlands - for eight years in a row, organize summer camps in sanatoria in Ternopil region for 30 children in need, where they actively spend time with them, provide children with interesting leisure activities in the camp: games, competitions, quests, creative tasks, give individual gifts and their own attention to those in need. children to diversify their rest. Actually, such a fair in Holland allows people to volunteer and draw attention to the problems of orphanhood in Ukraine.

"For me it was a new experience, a little excitement, as the knowledge of English is not perfect for me. To be honest, I am full of great emotions from what you have seen, because here in the Netherlands there are indifferent people who care about the needy children in Ukraine and it's just amazing, where there are no borders for good deeds. There is a really different mentality and a different understanding of "volunteering" that does not look like ours. People are very open and positive with smiles on the face and it inspires me", - shares her impressions Irina Vakalyuk.

The Orphans Future wants to thank the WALO group Achterveld organization for the warm welcome of the volunteer, as well as the Annie family and Gerard van Dijk for their hospitality during the visit. And also thanks to volunteer Tracey Berg (Belgium), who gave her time to Irina and arranged for her an excursion to historic sites and cities in Belgium.

: 25 December 2017

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