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Foster parents learn in the best interests of the kids

During the year 2017, at the invitation of "The Orphans Future" Foundation and at the request of foster parents and the custodians, the governmental organization "Institute of Traumas of Childs development" performed 4 training sessions to help parents expand their knowledge.

The training was performed simultaneously for two groups. Sixty people in total participated in the training. Each group had studies on the following topics: "Key aspects of helping children - orphans and foster children deprived of parental care. Trauma. Sympathy. Discipline" and "The Basics: Therapy, based on trust relationships". Moreover, the additional topics of motivation and expectations were discussed with future custodians and foster families.

In addition, a mini training for 20 specialists from district services of Ternopil was performed on 26 November, devoted to the topics of trauma and empathy.

During this period, the specialists of the "Institute of Traumas of Childs development gave more than 10 individual consultations to families.In future, it is planned to support families through counseling and supporting groups.

Together with the theory, the families were taught some practical things such as modern approaches, new principles and strategies, and the most important thing the method of conscious and proactive parenting.

Moreover, the trainers shared their own experience, because each member of their team is a custodian or a foster parent.Positive feedback from participants of the training inspire the trainers of the public organizations for performing similar training in future.

Many active parents regret that they did not have the chance to know this information before as they could avoid many mistakes. Thanks to these training, several families decided to tell the truth to foster children that they were adopted and it is very important!

Many families have obtained the hope to create the trust-based relationships with their children, as they were already in a hopeless situation and thought about returning the children to orphanages. Some families have ceased to use punishment, but have come to the right methods of parenting: proactive parenting and reinforcement of positive behavior of children and logical consequences. Many families have realized that the reason of the bad behavior of a child is not their stubbornness, rebellion, or the desire to do some evil, but is the consequence of the trauma experienced in childhood. Many parents began to practice the principles of establishing an emotional connection with their children and already talk about the positive changes that take place between them and their kids.

We kindly thank for the effective cooperation to the governmental organization "Institute of Traumas of Childs development" and to the Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth and to the volunteer coordinators Ilona and Maxim Trikoz for the sake of the better future of our children. We believe that many families will be healed and will be glad to talk about trust and strong relationships with their families very soon.

: 01 December 2017

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