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Teaching and learning about leadership and entrepreneurship for active youth

Twelve young people, the graduates of the orphan boarding school were heartily welcomed to attend "The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training" that took place at the "Forest Garden" recreation center from 17 to 19 November 2017, to the International Students Day (which is on November 17).

The young people had the opportunity to get useful knowledge and practical advice from successful entrepreneurs of Ternopil. The Zvarych Sergiy (founder of the "Comfort-Optics" center and of the sewing equipment studio "Spoolka"), Lisovska Anastasia (founder of the gift studio Sparkle), Lyudmila Lukiyan, the head of the Advertising Marketing Agency ReklaMist), Sergiy Kichuli (an owner of the companies VODA) and Igor Protsyk (the chairman of the Youth Self-Government Union Organization) were the main speakers of the event. Each of them shared some secrets of setting up a business from their own experience, busting the myths that the startup capital is the essential requirement to bring the idea to life. In such a friendly atmosphere, a hearty dialogue has taken place that helped the orphan youth become more confident and develop their strengths while making the business they are engaged in or are going to make in the nearest future.

Why was this meeting useful for the teenagers? First - it's a great opportunity for them to look at themselves from the outside and say to themselves: "You can do anything!" Such events and seminars aim to diversify the lives of young people who get the valuable knowledge, skills, and experience.

The team of Orphans Future Foundation sincerely thanks to the speakers for the time they devoted to the pupils and to Irina Yaremchuk (the director of the Youth Labor Center) for cooperation for the greatest youth interests. Such meeting for young people has become possible thanks to the financial support of The Global Fund for Children of the USA and Real Men Real Style Organization.

: 20 November 2017

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