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The orphanage teens develop practical life skills

Sixteen future graduates of Berezhany, Noveselo orphan boarding schools, and Ternopil orphanage have been learning to live their lives independently outside of the facilities during 216 hours. The volunteer team of the Orphan's Future Foundation keeps on implementing the welfare program "On the threshold of independent life" for senior pupils (9-11 grades). This fall, the children have passed four modules, namely: Module I "Me and the conflicts", where they have got the basic knowledge about the origins and the outcomes of conflicts in people's lives and have practiced some constructive ways of resolving them. During the training, the children have been playing the game called "The Rescuers that helped them to develop collective interaction skills while making decisions. Many thanks to the coach from the Ternopil Caritas Foundation, Andrij Hrushtch.

Thanks to Module II, called My Feelings and Emotions, students were able to practice how to express and control their emotions in the right manner in different situations, as well as how to influence their emotional state for successful relationships with people. During Module III called "My Rights and Duties", United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was used to display to the participants their rights and responsibilities in society and family. It contributed to the formation of respect for the rights of other people and the sense of responsibility for carrying out their duties among the pupils. Coach - Mariana Gevko from "MIST" organization.

During Module IV, called "My Financial Literacy", pupils have learned some new words such as liquidity, assets and liabilities, income and expense, family budget and money functions. The training was very interesting due to interactive games, teamwork, and the discussion devoted to the role of money in modern society. Each team earned money for the correctly performed tasks but got fines for violating the rules. Eventually, all children coped with the tasks and received rewards for their active participation. Coach - Natalia Orishchak, the head of the Rich and Happy school in Ternopil.

During the implementation of the program, the participants were able to determine their personal life values, focuses, successes through playing different psychological games. For example, while playing The Eiffel Tower game, the children improved their communication and group interaction skills. It also helped them to perform creative tasks while working in a team and to present the results based on the principles of partnership and creativity. Such psychological exercises and games were carried on by psychologist Irina Vakalyuk, the member of "The Orphans Future" Foundation.

In addition to training exercises, it has already become a good tradition when young people went shopping and bought groceries in the store for real cash on their own and then cooked breakfasts and dinners for themselves. We express the appreciation to the coordinator of the culinary skills program - Natalia Kotsyuba from the Ternopil Foundation named "Caritas". Every other day children also improve the skills of using public transport in another city and clearly understand how to get from one point of the city to another.

During the program, the children had the opportunity to communicate and get some useful advice from cosmetologist Victoria Babachenko. The children found it very interesting to know the information about their skin type and how to take a good care of their skin, using some inexpensive products. Some children asked questions related to the matter and an experienced beautician gladly helped everyone to understand the reasons and to find the ways of solving the problem points. At the end, everyone received a gift, a set of face skin care products.

The children also enjoyed making rag dolls during the workshop of a craftswoman Olga Zakorchymna. The pupils learned about the history and the role of a rag doll in the life of Ukrainians. Everyone made his own doll with the greatest pleasure. Each doll was unique and beautiful. Thank you, Mrs. Zakorchymna for teaching our children such wonderful skills.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to local restaurants and cafes, namely Khutir, Cherchill, Teranosaur, cafe Teco, Two Geese, Autoport, and Old Pizzeria that provided our kids with free dinners during the implementation of the program.

The program "On the threshold of independent life" is held annually and opens up new opportunities for the pupils of the orphan boarding schools. It helps them to meet the reality of an independent life before leaving the school. This time the program was implemented in the Roman Catholic parish of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, which is in the East district. We are very grateful to the confessor Andriy Maligu for the hearty welcome of our children; with the financial support of the Global Fund for Children (the USA), with the assistance of the Ternopil Regional State Administration. Many thanks to volunteers who joined the program, namely Ivan Abramets, Lyuba Perozhak, Boris Pasichnyk, Anton Kuryavsky.

: 10 November 2017

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